Cornea Services

ZMEC provides care and treatment for Cornea diseases.

Keratoconus is a disease where the cornea becomes thinner than normal, and subsequently starts bulging forward. This causes a blurring of visual images and is a known progressive condition. This is caused due to childhood eye allergy and rubbing habit.

  • Kerotometry - is a diagnostic instrument for measuring the curvature of the anterior surface of the cornea, for assessing the extent and axis of astigmatism

  • Corneal collagen cross-linking is a technique which uses UV light and a photo-sensitizer to strengthen chemical bonds in the cornea. The goal of the treatment is to halt progressive and irregular changes in corneal shape..

  • C3R a procedure that aims to stabilize a keratoconic cornea. Kerarings are implantable rings inserted into the cornea to flatten the corneal cone, and helps to improve vision of the patient.

Lasik Surgery is a surgery used to correct vision in people who are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism. LASIK is a surgical techniques used to reshape the cornea. Dr. Samina Zamindar performs Lasik Surgeries.

  • FemtoLasik: Computer guided infrared femto-second laser is used for cornea correction

  • Smile technique: 'Smile' is short for 'Small Incision Lenticular Extraction' is the least invasive therapy possible to reduce dry eyes and improves stability of cornea.

  • Epilasik: A lasik procedure used in patients with flatter corneas and less myopia.