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Eye Care in Elderly

Zamindar Microsurgical Eye Centre provides “Home Services for Elderly”

We provide the following services for the Elderly

One of our staff members will come with a car and driver to pick up the elderly patient, provide a comprehensive eye check-up services at our centre will and drop the patient back at their residence

According to the population census in 2011 there are nearly 104 million elderly in India

If the patient cannot come to the centre, then we will send an optometrist to your residence, provide optometry services and prescribe glasses in the comfort of your home.

Eye care in elderly is important because they are at risk of certain conditions of the eye that are easily treatable and at the same time can cause irreversible vision loss

This goes a long way in improving in quality of life; Sight is the one faculty which should be preserved for a meaningful, happy life

Let us know more about common eye condition among the elderly, which can affect eye sight if not detected and treated early.

  • Cataract
  • Diabetic retinopathy ( DR)
  • Glaucoma
  • Age related macular degeneration ( ARMD)


Cataract is a condition where normally transparent lens becomes cloudy or opaque and impairs vision

It is a normal aging process

Treatment of cataract involves a cataract surgery, eye drops or glasses will not help

Phacoemulsification is a modern sophisticated surgery that involves removing the cataractous lens through a small incision followed by placing an artificial lens in place of human lens this technique is bloodless, suture less, takes a short time and does not require a long hospital stay.

We do injection less cataract surgeries at our Hospital in most of our surgeries, moreover we have an anesthesiologist monitoring our patients during surgery, and this makes our elderly people very comfortable during and after surgery.


Diabetes affects all the vital organs in the body – brain, heart, kidneys, and eyes

Eye examination to look for diabetic retinopathy in all diabetics gives a lot of information about the status of other organs too, if they are affected by diabetes or not early detection and treatment helps restore vision and also prevent irreversible loss of vision due to advance diabetic eye disease

It is important that all diabetics get their eyes tested once a year.

Our fundus camera enables us to take pictures of retina without need for any dilating drops as part of diabetes retina screening.


Glaucoma is called the silent thief of sight it is a condition of the eyes where optic nerve is gradually damaged due to high eye pressure. The damage is so gradual that one may not notice any change in vision and there are no symptoms until almost the last stage- when the patient has tunnel vision this damage is irreversible

Hence all patients above 30 years of age visiting Zamindar Microsurgical Eye Centre are screened for glaucoma and IOP (Intra-Ocular Pressure) is checked

Early diagnosis and vision plays an important role here too to restore vision and prevent future damage.

We have a dedicated glaucoma department with expert Glaucoma surgeon and advanced equipments for early diagnosis.


Macular is the most sensitive area of the retina which is important for our central, sharp vision ARMD has the name describes is the aging change in the macula

Patient with ARMD may face blurring of central vision or see a dark or empty area in the centre of field of view or sometimes lines may appear wavy

This condition can be diagnosed by retina examination which is important in the elderly

Treatment varies from nutritional supplements to intravitreal antiVEGF injections to surgery depending on severity of the disease

Visual rehabilitation in the form of low vision aids is also available

Routine eye examination in the elderly is important as some of the above conditions can be detected early and timely intervention can prevent loss of vision this can help them enjoy their life to the fullest

Get your eyes checked regularly and enjoy a lifetime of good vision.